March 10

Why I Will Never Settle ‘In This Life’

There are a few reasons why I’ve never been one to simply ‘settle’. One of those reasons has to do with a dear friend of mine, Rod Black.

Those that know me well, know that I worked in the music and entertainment industry for quite some time. While I did have the opportunity to travel, meet and work with a number of inspiring artists, none have had quite as much of an impact on my life as the man I met close to ten years ago.

Rod’s message of never giving up has relayed into all parts of my life – whether it’s my professional life, or even my non existent love life. It has never mattered what my situation has been, he has always been one of the constants in my life that has always said, “if there is anyone that will do it, it’s you.”

There’s a lot of people that will always tell you to keep going, follow your dreams, etc etc. But some of those very people, are also people that don’t take their own advice.

What’s unique about Rod’s words is that he is the EPITOME of perseverance.

Rod had not one, but two near death experiences. One of which, he was pronounced dead. The other – when he was a passenger in a car that flipped several times.

That didn’t stop him.

Those experiences formulated much of the content in his last album, “In This Life”, which included a song called “I’m Breathing”, which tells much of his story.

I know first hand that the music industry is one of the most difficult to find sustainability. But, he keeps going – he knows who he is, what he has to offer, and that there is something out there for him. Another message that holds true to my life.

There are days when I feel frustrated and think that maybe it would be easiest to settle. For some odd reason, my phone will ring out of the blue on those days – and often it’s Rod calling to tell me he was thinking of me. It’s almost as if he can read my mind from wherever he is.

The realization of self-value and the decision to keep going comes from within. But when I hear that voice, it’s just one more reminder to never settle.

What voice is this? Check out the video below…

A few other things worth checking out:

Keep Going Tweets
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  1. By Kirk D james on

    Hi tanis
    I found your site after the article in the paper on you!
    Got you beat by about 6 yrs. Been single since I kicked my live in girlfriend and her adult children out of my house in 2001, with the exception of 6 weeks in 2004. (what a waste of time that was!!)
    Something you said on your site caught my attention. Been saying the same thing for years. “Douchebags are all we’re left with!” Don’t forget the jerks jackasses and idiots!
    You are one of the few who seem to realize this!
    All the complaints I have heard from women about how they can’t find a good man!!
    That’s because good men are not interested in what WE have been left with!!
    Now don’t get upset… I’m not the prick in a box guy!! Lol!! (That was funny by the way)
    Over the past number of years, I have watched many of my male friends completely trashed by the system, society, and the legal system. I, and many I have spoken with do not view today’s relationships as worthwhile, or even positive for that matter. Quite frankly, it’s a risk not worth taking! And when you examine the finer points, it appears that the whole thing is not in men’s best interest! And it’s getting worse!!
    I am 50! Don’t feel more than 20!! I do and engage in things my attached friends could never do because of their significant other. (I believe you can relate to this.)
    I used to be upset because at one time, I was interested. Now, I believe I have dodged a bullet. I consider myself blessed!
    I hope you find someone good! But in the alternative, I hope you find your way to
    The same place I’m at!

    Total freedom Tanis! No lies!

    Take care, and stay away from those Mexican resorts!! Lol!


    P.S. You should have bopped that Rudy guy with the first thing you could get your hands on!! Lol!

    1. By miss_t (Post author) on


      Well thanks for finding me! Not sure if you’ve read some of my more recent articles… but what I did say is, at some point, “we are left with ourselves”… happens to everyone, which is why I stress that it’s best to like that person!

      I think there are a lot of great, single people out there – I just haven’t met the one for me yet. But in the mean time, I’m pretty darn happy where I am!

      I can’t say that nothing is ‘worth while’ because there is a lesson and growth in every experience…

      I think what you say goes both ways for men AND women… all I can say, is enjoy the moment, for that’s all we have! Live life, and you never know, maybe one day that right person just may come along!

      Thanks for reading :)


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