October 30

Shut Up and Listen

I’ve been neglecting my personal joys of writing for the last while to fuel a few of my other passions – entrepreneurship and studying forms of meditation. Odd combo? Not really. The two go hand in hand, really.

Actually, I just finished competing in a business planning competition as one of the Top Ten finalists among some 50-60 applicants, which has taken up a large chunk of my time. Don’t ask me what I am doing though – because until I find my way into securing a large sum of cashola – I haven’t really been saying too much about my latest ‘project’, other than that much of my writing has been in the form of <sarcasm> FUN </sarcasm> financial statements and ever evolving marketing strategies – for the last 16 months, give or take.  I’m also in the process of brainstorming a different website address, because quite frankly I don’t want to single myself out as that ‘chick that’s been single forever’, because really, my life is much more fulfilling than that and I don’t feel ‘single’, but rather quite connected. Most days, anyway.

As for the meditation aspect? Well I love yoga.. which works wonders for quieting the mind, strengthening the body and cleansing the soul. I usually get to a studio at least once per week to save me from going batty (really to save others)… but I also recently started taking Qigong (pronounced Chi-Kung) classes which are form of Tai Chi and the class infuses some interesting meditation practices with Chinese Yoga.

Most typical meditations are done with the eyes closed and visualizations – which is all fine and dandy sometimes, but too much of this lead you right into La-La Land where everything is blissful – when you close your eyes off to your surroundings… which isn’t always conducive to actually getting through the actual ‘life’ part of things.

My current class is done with eyes half open to allow for entering a state of quietness, but also to do so while being awake and present with the surroundings. I’ve always been ‘aware’ of my surroundings before, but the class teaches a highly acute level of awareness and focus. My teacher will often say, “You want  to be able to hear a pin drop in the middle of an eight lane highway of rush hour.” Believe it or not, he can.

I have found this to tie in quite well with my entrepreneurial aspirations- which as you might imagine, require a lot of focus. Especially considering my level of  A.D.D. these days… I have an urge to go snowboarding right now. Shit, I don’t own a snowboard and I definitely need some lessons. Is that a squirrel I see?

Anyway, what was I saying? Oh, right. Meditation and what not. It has played a huge role in finding answers I was seeking in parts of my life as well as defining myself (never-ending journey). I think about my life a few years ago – even one year ago – which was primarily dominated by weaseling my way on to a guest list of some kind, collecting attention at the expense of others and everything else that served my ego best. My life and the way I view things are vastly different these days and I credit a lot of it to taking the time to look at myself from the inside out.

My reasoning for writing this too.. is that lately I’ve been meeting MANY, MANY, MANY people who long to find stillness and answers in their lives amidst all the chaos that, quite honestly, we create ourselves – and for some reason people ask me what it is that I do. Personally, I sometimes find it midway through a bottle of Pinot.. but I try to reserve that for Fridays only.

What the bulk of people don’t realize – is that in order to hear an answer, you have to become quiet enough to hear it. 

To be perfectly blunt, SHUT UP AND LISTEN.