May 18

The Awkward About Me Page

Ahhh, yes.

This page.

The awkward ‘About Me Page’. The one everyone struggles with. So much easier to write them for other people. When you have to write about yourself – all signs of cleverness go to sh*t.

I guess I’ll start off by saying, “Hi!”

I’m Tanis. Most people call me “T”.

I thrive on creativity, conversation and inspiration. I would refer to myself as a spiritually enthusiastic, charismatically creative (when I am not creatively stifled) and I enjoy hot sauce on just about everything.

tanis6My background has always been in the creative/marketing industry where I have had both the pleasure (and stress) of working in the music industry, the film industry, and a ton of industries. My real passion lies in writing. I don’t really know why, because when writer’s block hits and I want to put my fist through the screen, I often wonder why I am drawn to this frustrating blessing curse love-hate thing. Either way, I can’t get away from it.

I like to talk and tell stories based off some of my own personal experiences. O, I even have valuable things to share.

Note: Much of my writing is laced with a fine layer of sarcasm and sometimes tongue in cheek humour. I write the way it sounds in my head and sometimes there is little filter from brain to keyboard. I am not concerned with ‘proper’, but rather sharing myself as authentically as my soul allows.

Hopefully you enjoy your time here. Also, if you suffer from insomnia, I suggest following/subscribing to my musings here or here…. and also, here.

Nice to sort of meet you!


  1. By Matt Maresca on

    Hey Miss Tanis,

    I just found one of your old posts on the Then Life Happens blog and loved it. I especially loved the big bold line, “When your ego no longer runs the show, you become your truest self.” Couldn’t agree with you more there. You seem to have a really cool, unique perspective on life.

    I’m actually about to relaunch my website at and would love it if you’d be willing to provide a guest post. I’m looking to get different perspectives on finding and following your unique purpose while living a life of value and fulfillment. The purpose of the site will be to showcase these different perspectives and hopefully foster some new ideas and motivations through the community.

    If you’re interested in providing something, please let me know. You can include any links you’d like and a bio. I’d love to have your perspective and believe my readers would as well!

    Look forward to hearing back!

    Matt Maresca

    1. By miss_t (Post author) on

      Hey Matt!

      Thanks for comment! Always willing to help spread the good vibes – I’ll be in touch with you via email shortly!


  2. By Telly on

    Hey T
    Freaking awesome in reading about you.
    Plus we both love Sevendust.
    I would say you have me beaten by a bit as a Fan.
    But definitely share the love..It pretty cool that I read about your struggles and challenges.
    Very Attractive I might say…Keep up the good wwork..od bless


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