December 4

A Holiday Poem for the Whole Year

christmas heart

T’was the month of December and all through the weeks,
A frenzy of folks, for ‘things’ they would seek

Pushing their way through the others in a scurry,
Get out of my way – Hurry, hurry, hurry!

Gizmos! And gadgets! And all the latest fads!
Surely, with all this ‘stuff’, no one will be sad!

But it’s not just Christmas, that we find objects to hold dear,
The religion of consumerism exists all through the year.

Cashing in on the sales, just think – the money we’ll save!
For more and more items, you can’t take to the grave.

For some of these folks, these ‘things’ provide solace – on this happiness they depend,
But for others – happiness is found – without a dime to spend.

An embrace, a smile, a gesture, a tender touch
Irreplaceable things – that really don’t cost much.

We get caught up in the parking lot mess, the debt, the stress
Some of us forget – the greatest gift of all – is an act of kindness.

If you want to give true items of gold,
Invest in the things that can’t be sold… memories, experiences, and tales to be told

For the things worth giving, are memories not forgot
They come with real value – because they can’t be bought

The useless crap we collect eventually serves its purpose
Winding up as garbage and junk, eventually worthless

Think not about what you want, but truly what you need
When you remove the clutter – is when you are freed

Collect possessions of love and desire – things that fill your heart inside
When you shop from outside-in, you’ll never really be satisfied

Because ‘things’ only offer moments that are soon to be fleeting
They are not the things that keep your heart beating.

If you don’t know what to give, there’s one true gift that everyone wants
Is the gift of happiness and love – it doesn’t come in a box

It’s not hanging on a rack or sitting on a shelf
And it surely isn’t glued together by elves.

For the gift of pure joy in the heart, is not a room to be furnished
Because it all derives from character – and character can’t be purchased.

Happy Holidays!

christmas heart


June 9

Sunday Morning Bliss


Every now and then, I get a nice little creative outburst when my thoughts want to escape me. Lately, it’s been poetry. I don’t know why, but sometimes when I sit down to write for a time.. everything starts to rhyme..

Sunday Morning Bliss

“Magic within! It’s there, deep inside
Oh the beauty you can create
Synchronistic wonders, silently await
When you open your eyes, go forth
With no hesitate

Still, there’s a sigh
A breath, a cry
Maybe tomorrow
Yes tomorrow, I’ll try

But the sun sets,
The moon rises to the sky,
and tomorrow is today
No promise of another,
So why do you wait?

Make haste! This is the moment
All that there is,
Move along, move forward
Follow your bliss

Say so long, it’s been nice
But I bid farewell
To your life long foe, the fearful ego
A friend to no one, but a mere shell

Take a step, big or small
With no further adieu
Out of your own way
Into the light,
Where all is brand new”