May 18


Just like anybody else, I’ve struggled with my self image. I’ve battled weight issues my entire life, still am! Can anyone say “Yo Yo!”

There is no such thing as a human that doesn’t have insecurities. My photos are glimpses into moments I’m proud of. That, and really good lighting. And photography. And make up.

Maki Photo Shoot

Day in the Park by Vanessa Neufeld

I’d like to say I get to play dress-up ALL the time.  Who doesn’t want to wear a tutu everyday? This is the ‘real’ me… when I’m not walking around in my sweat shirt sporting days old mustard stains…  


  1. By Daymond on

    Good to meet you Tanis, up a bit early and noodling through the wild amount or “tweets” (okay one) I have to deal with.

    U looked like your were having fun last night, I did enjoy myself however in hindsite, we could have gone just for the evening and that would have been peachy. We had heard about potential long lineups which scared us into staying for 11 hours…. YIKES.

    Talk with you soon,


  2. By Caesar on


    I don’t understand your situation. You are clearly VERY attractive, well-spoken, intelligent, and perhaps most confounding, you have a website declaring your very attractive, well-spoken, intelligent availability. I looked through some of your comments, there’s guys falling all over each other for you.

    As someone who has been single for probably double the time you have, I know some of the pitfalls you must be facing. My standards are SUPER high — not in a “this tall, this hair colour” way, but in a “must make heart skip beats” way. The way I would describe it is, I want someone who makes me feel lucky to have them, and vice versa. But unlike you, I am not an attractive (or any other kind of) girl with high visibility. I don’t meet a lot of people (especially my own age), that’s my biggest problem.

    I’m stumped, is what I’m trying to say. You’re so eligible and high-profile. I think if you took the plunge and went on some dates it would only be a matter of time before you found someone worth that time.

    Anyway, have a nice day and good luck.

    1. By miss_t (Post author) on

      You are asking the million dollar question. Most of the people I do meet, at my age, are typically married, in a relationship, emotionally unavailable, or much too clingy. I have high standards too – if you’ve read some of my previous experiences – it’s evident that at one point, I didn’t have standards at all.

      I have gone on a few dates – but not there has not been any real connections. All I can say is that you know it when you feel it – and that hasn’t happened yet. That’s just the way it’s been!

      As far as ‘attraction’ – I don’t think I’m any different than anyone else. I’ve battled the same self-image issues as others – including years of weight problems – it’s only been recently that I’ve felt comfortable and confident with myself.

      In the meantime, I wish you luck as well! I suppose we’ll continue being stumped together :)

  3. By Timothy Pisano on

    I never really looked at these til now. I must say that you are very photogenic. And you look fabulous!


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